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Age of Sail Challenges

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Welcome to aos_challenge!

This is a community along the lines of several flashfic communities (aos_flashfic, sga_flashfic, etc), with a few minor changes.

The basics are that writers and artists respond to prompt challenges with art (of any size) or fics (of ~1000 words) in any and/or all of the Age of Sail fandoms- Hornblower, Aubrey-Maturin/Master & Commander, Temeraire, Pirates of the Caribbean, Historical RPF, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Sharpe, Austen, Secrets of the Fearless, Abuduction Club, 1776, Muppet Treasure Island, and anything else ranging from the years 1700-1850.

We welcome all ratings and any pairings, be they het, slash or gen. Our goal is to inspire people to participate and generate some great art and fics for everyone to enjoy.

Fic Guidelines:

Fics should be roughly 1000 words. This is really a guideline and any fic of more than 500 words is welcome so long as it encompasses the challenge. We ask that you do not post them anywhere but the community until the prompt ends and then you’re free to post wherever else you like. During the time of the challenge, feel free to post a link to your entry on your own LJ.

Please post the title and author and fandom in the subject line.
Example: “Far and Away” by romanticalgirl – “Pride and Prejudice”

Fic Headers:


Please post the fic itself behind a cut tag.

Poetry Guidelines:

Poetry may be of any word length, but we ask that you use the same header as for fic and place the poem behind a cut tag.

Art Guidelines:

Art may be of any size, but we ask that you post it behind a cut tag. The art still must somehow encompass the challenge.


There will be two types of challenges in the community:

Bi-monthly challenges:
This will consist of a word, phrase, quote, or lyric prompt. All fic/art for that challenge will have to center around that theme. There will be two per month, two weeks apart. Prompts will go up on Monday and all entries for that prompt will be due to be posted by the Sunday at the end of the second week.

When the next prompt goes up, it will include a list linking all the previous prompt’s posts as well as the okay to post any fics or art in your own journals or other communities. With the new prompt, the whole thing starts all over again.

Monthly challenges:
Every month we will issue a random challenge that will last the whole month. These will be more thematic and broader in scope. Fics/art posted in response to these challenges do not have to meet the criteria of the bi-monthly prompts, though they are welcome to do so.

For example:

Bi-monthly prompts:
First prompt: Fire
Second prompt: Water

Monthly prompt:
“A Girl in Boy’s Clothing?” – the Female Characters Month, wherein entries would be about/of a female character or from a female character’s POV.

We have a selection of prompts lined up, but we’re always happy to get suggestions. Just comment in this post on the aos_challenge page and we’ll add it to our list. We want the folks in the community to be involved in writing and reading and drawing and helping to set the scope of the community itself.

Again, our goal here is to have a lot of fun and hopefully get some amazing fic and art. We hope you'll all participate - write/draw/paint/read - and have a good time. We know we plan to.